Anyone else seen these at *****?


Was at the ***** near my work yesturday at lunch picking up some calcium and happened to see something that looked a little ironic....
55 and 75 gallon tanks being sold by Instant Ocean as saltwater ready to go tanks. "have your own private ocean" written right on the box. They include a hang on the back biowheel whisper style filter, a cheap heater and thermometer. No power heads, no skimmer.
I just thought it was kind of ironic that one of the most popular salt makers would market a product obviously not really suited for the animals.


Look at the other post about *****. 90% of there guys dont know much about fish, SWF they really dont. (Again, sorry if you work there. No offence.) Supplies, food, other stuff I still buy from there. It's cheap and close to my house, but as for there fish and fish knowledge, I'd steer clear.
As for the tank setup you mention... that's funny. It might run with a little luck. Hell, I knew a girl that had a clown fish in a goldfish bowl for almost a year. She changed some of the water about once a week with tap water and household salt to refill the water. I asked her why she used household salt and not "real" salt made for salt water fish.... She said "well, he likes that salt"
So who knows, someone could buy it and get lucky and everything run smooth for a while, but ultimately, I hope they dont invest much money and wind up killing off a bunch of specimens and fish.


well the ***** near where I live is actually has people that are pretty knowledagble when it comes to SWF. I mean one lady there doesnt use nets to catch the angels or tangs b/c their spines would get caught in the net. Yeah seh uses the little clear plastic things, its actually pretty cool watching her catch fish like that, well thats just my $.02


LOL - well I should be ashamed to admit this but I bought that exact same setup when I first bought my tank (my fault for not doing enough research first)
I have had to spend some money getting it where I wanted it as far as appearance and flitration (they never talked about powerheads or anything when I bought the setup) in all actuality the filter mine came with isnt bad - its an emperor 400 with two bio wheels - for now it seems to be doing a great job, but I do have a DSB and about 60 lbs of LR now - before I couldnt keep my trates low, some people said it was a combo between the cc bed I used to have and the biowheels being a nitrate trap.
Anyway, in retrospect it would have been cheaper to buy a used tank, and then spend the rest of the money I spent on that setup getting the hardware I wanted, lights etc. All in all though I am not dissatisfied with the setup it suited my needs and I am able to upgrade as I go along - isn't patience the name of the game in this hobby ;)


we have those at work too, I work at petsmart, I haven't let anybody buy one so far. I let them know what else they need and to do tons of research before they buy the tank. Not many people come back for the tank after they find out what's involved. They decide to go with freshies instead. But yeah, I found it pretty ironic too. Did you notice how many fish were in the tank in the picture on the box? Absolutely ridiculous.
once again, not all pet warehouse employees are stupid idiots. :p )


(Petsmart Manager)- Tiffster, can I see you in my office NOW!
(Tiffster)- Yes Sir.
(Petsmart Manager)- I understand you have been stealing from my store and my company. What do you have to say about this?
(Tiffster)- Sir, I am not sure I know what you are talking about.
(Petsmart Manager)- I understand that you have been telling my customers not to buy products we are trying to sell to them.
(Tiffster)- Oh! No sir, I would not do that, I am just trying to educate the customers on how hard it is to have a salt water tank.
(Petsmart Manager)-No, you are stealing from my store. When you were hired, were you told that a part of your job was to educate my customers to not buy from us?....... Well?
(Tiffster)- Well, yes and no. I was hires to be of assistance to our customers and answer any of their questions. All I have done is answer their questions and told them how hard it is to maintain a saltwater setup, especially with what is provided in those kits.
(Petsmart Manager)-Do those kits not say on them "have your own private ocean"? Then that is what I want you to tell them. You were not hired to think, you were hired to put fish in bags and sell fish tanks! One more incident like this and you will be looking for a job elsewhere young man! (or woman if that is the case)
I can just see it now. They have mystery shoppers in these stores all the time, and they do have to take names and report everything that goes on when they are there. If you value your job, then watch your back.


#1 Serpentine, that was uncalled for.
#2 That's not how things work. We are paid to think and if I was to tell a customer "yeah this tank is great!" I would be in more trouble when they returned it and were pissed off because all there fish died and they wasted their feaking money which we would have to give back to them.
#3 And for your information I have gotten 100% on ALL of my mystery shops in the last two years. I actually got a letter from the district manager a few months ago thanking me for a job well done.
And we do have skimmers that I could sell them if they really wanted to, but there is nothing wrong with advising someone to do research on and endeaver as large as owning a reef tank. If they do their research and the come back and get it, that's fine, but all I was saying was they usually don't.


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I was at ***** today buying dog food for my golden and just happen to stop in by the saltwater section I was disgusted with what I saw! the ***** up here by my house is terrible when it comes to saltwater fish there tanks always have ick and there is always dead stuff lying around so anyways I went over to the sw section and noticed they were selling an Achilles tang to some one and when the customer asked if the fish was hard to care for they told him that all tangs were vary easy to care for and could be considered beginner fish!!! I quickly entered into the conversation and informed the customer and seller about the real truth
along with the Achilles tang they were selling a convict tang as an assorted tang
they also had about 20 small blue hippo tangs and about 50 ocellaris clowns in the same 20 g. tank


tiffster, In no way way I even attempting to inply that you were in the wrong, or that you were an idiot, or anything. I way just trying to bring a little humor into it, but I see I failed. Again, I was in no way attemting to insult, nor offend you. My appologizies to you for causing any distress or illfeelings! (And no, I am not being a smart ass, I do mean it.)