Anyone ordered the ricordea from here?


I was wondering if anyone had ordered the florida ricordea from here? Do they all come green or are they multiple colors? What size where they?


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I ordered Ricordia off of this site and one came green and the other was a little brownish green. Mine were about the size of a quarter.


We ordered a 3 pack a while back and they came in diff. shades of green and were all ready to split. We now have a total of 7. Cant remember the exact date, but could research it for you if you want.


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We ordered 2 once. Well, we got three and on split a few days after we got them.:D A couple were green and purple, a couple were green and orange.

tahoe ocean

I got an order several months ago and now they are all over the place! I'm thinking that I'm going to have to start fragging them now. I highly recommend them.


Thank you very much for the replies I am thinking of getting some of these. Do they look like these? This is a picture I took a long time ago but I gave these to a friend after he begged for them and payed me a pretty penny so I would like to get them back now cause I miss em.