Aquamaxx Ultramaxx Media

red tiger

On Friday (9.14.12) i tested my water, and my phosphate level was at .21 and had nitrate reading of .10
Since I am running a Bio Cube 29, Since i don't have the room for my GFO reactor, I had to find a media that i could use. So my LFS guy recommended this All-in-one media. It comes in it's on media bag, and with a $8.99 price tag, didn't seem expensive.
So i went home, rinsed it, threw it in the middle chamber, which i only have a floss pad on top, then the media bag free floating.
On Saturday (9.15.12) I went back and had them test for phosphate since they use the Hannah testers, and my po4 was down to .14 and no detectable nitrates.
I was satisfied with the .07 drop in phosphate in less then 24hrs, to be just in a bag as a passive filtration. I will test again on Wednesday to mark the 5th day and see my numbers.
Has anyone else tried this before?


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I thik I did a long time ago, The jar opens and there is a bag inside and it's black or grey that the same stuff?