Aquascape ideas for double sided 150 fowlr


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Good morning friends. I have a 150 fowlr that separates kitchen from dining toom and is visible on 3 sides.
The problem is im going crazy trying to aquascape this with lace and live rock.
Whenever i read threads on aquascaping to get ideas, they never seem to apply to people who have tanks that provide dbl sided viewing or views from 3 sides... Most examples involve shoving all rocks to the back wall and that just wont work in my case...
Im sure many others have faced this issue. Any ideas or pics to point me in rite direction?
How does one scape 100 +lbs of rock in a dbl sided tank and still have open swim room without pushing rocks against glass?


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Try a 2 or 3 island look. Make sure you leave enough room between the rocks and the glass for swimming (and to get your algae scrapper by the rock). It kind of has to be a minimalistic look.
How wide is your 150g? 18"". This tank footprint can be very tough to aquascape, but can be done.
Here is a link to a SWF member (billitr) who has a two sided tank. page 39.
He has some rock placed in his back yard to plan out the look. Long and skinny is the look. He has a very large tank so he can use a lot of rock. But it does not look like much the way he has it scaped.
You can look back in his thread and see some other ideas of what he has done so the tank can be viewed on both sides (same idea as three sided tank).


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Thanks! I decided to go with a 2 column minimalist look. Ut was an easy 2 hour diy involving some pvc pipes and a bag of zip ties!


Glad you worked it out...I 'scaped a 7' peninsula setup, and altho I'm pretty good at aquascaping, getting the tank to look good from all three sides was a huge challenge. I totally feel your pain.