Ok... I remember somone telling me this was great... cant remember who. Im getting so tired of mixing kalk ( my clam is a calc hog ) So untill I get a reactor this seems like a goof method
Opinions please

nm reef

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Never used it myself...but there have been numerous posts about the results of using it...I'd suggest a search here on the forums and sift through the results...or maybe a member can comment on current useage.
But I still suppliment for calcium and alaklinity plus top-off with kalk to maintain established levels...not the best wayto go about it and it does require time and effort...but its been working for me. Someday I'll need to invest in a calcium reactor myself....


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aragamilk in no way shape or form will be able to even come into the same ball game let along the same ball park as Kalkwasser . . . . its a lackluster product IMO. I used it for the first 6 months of my tanks life and as soon as I got one animal that consumed Ca and carbonates it fell short . . . WAY short.