Arkansas Reef club


Pretty Cool. :yes:
I didn’t know there was a club in Ark. I noticed some of your pics were from NS Aquatics, where I do my shopp’n. :)
WOOOooooooo Pig!!!!!


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yeah we have been in existance for a little over a year now...stop by and check out the web site, we have a pretty solid member base in Little Rock...yeah I like north side picked up some nice acros and clams there!


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this club still up and going? I went to the websit n it just took me to Confusing? Neways i live in little rock and it'd be nice to know someone else in the hobby around here... I know IRS a long shot since this thread is so old... But I'd love to hear from ya if ur here!


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Wanted to let everyone know about a new Facebook site. Arkansas Saltwater Tank Hobbiest. Come join us.