At what size/age do clowns change from neutral/male to female?

So I am wanting to create my own mating pair (fingers crossed) with some Platinum clowns.
If I buy them at 1" size, is that young enough for the fish to be considered neutral/male?

mr. limpid

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Basically they all stay male until nature decides 1 need to be female. Seams like 2 or 3 years until mine started laying eggs, not saying that the larger one wasn't already turned. When I want to have a mated pair I will buy one small and one largest in the group at LFS. I keep them twice as long in the QT to make sure the take to each other. Worked for me far the last three pairs I have had.

mr. limpid

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Then definitely keep them in QT longer. They will be scared so they will buddy for safety, keep them well fed and in time the more aggressive one will turn.
Thanks again
I am getting three Platinum's. They are going into QT and I will be keeping them well fed.
Thanks again for the advice.


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W 3 you could have an issue. You may not, but generally they pair up leaving one out which can end badly.just my option tho. I try to look at things in worse case scenario then make my fish choices