Avoiding a cycle on a new tank?


I am setting up a 26 gallon QT, and was wondering if the tank would cycle if I collected 10 gallons from my established tank, 10 gallons from a friends tank, and 6 gallons from a third tank. The plan is to then do a hyposalinity treatment on my fish from there. Can I avoid a tank cycle by using water from established tanks? Thanks.


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The water from any tank holds little bacteria.
I would hesitate mixing water from other tanks myself. Sounds like a bad idea IMO.


The water from different tanks will make no difference. It will still cycle. If you have an established sand bed, there may be a mini cycle to keep up with the bio load if it increases. The bacteria that removes/ converts ammonia, nitrites and nitrates is not in the water, it is in the live rock and substrate.