Baby Turbo Snails

old hickory

Okay, I'm about as green of an aquarist as there can be, since I've only had my tank (55 gallons) up and running for about two months. So, naturally, I'm full of stupid questions. I've been reading many of the threads here all along trying to avoid the beginner mistakes and so far--with all your help--I've avoided some major catastrophes like purchasing a Mandarin. Thanks for your help!
Yesterday my wife discovered two baby turbo snails in the tanks parading across the glass of the display tank. They are about the size of pencil lead. I have no clue how old they are, as we never saw the streak of eggs or any indicators they were coming. Is there anything I can do to increase their chance of surviving? Are the fish in my tank likely to munch on them? I have 2 Ocellaris Clownfish, a Six-Line Wrasse, and a Scribbled Rabbit Fish.
As always, thanks for your assistance.
~Old Hickory

old hickory

Wish I would have thought about taking photographs yesterday while they were detained. I cannot seem to find them right now. Am I positive they are Turbos? Not exactly, as I said--I am new to this. But they did look like miniature Turbos. I'll post a photograph as soon as I find one of them.
Again, thanks for the help! :)


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Way 2 find them again, when lights go out give em an hour flip on lights and they will be out. I have probably the same kind in my 55g.


They're most likely Collonista snails, which look pretty much like baby Turbos, however, they only reach about 1/4". They're a great hitchhiker to have, and they breed readily in some systems.