Beginner Reef Light


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Hey guys,

I am looking to add a few corals to my 29g FOWLR. My main question is about lighting. I know the corals need blue/violet lighting to thrive, but aesthetically for me Ive always liked just regular white LED lights. Im curious is it possible to get a light thats a combo of blue and white or a combo of different colors and not just the regular blue LED lighting? Where yes, you can notice the blue (because the corals need I wont short them) but you can definitely still have a normal white glow as well?

Secondly does anyone recommend a "beginner" light thats not wicked expensive? Yes yes yes I know this hobby is an expensive one, but Im just wondering if there is a basic, yet adequate light to fit my desires listed above OR if my desires cannot be met, is there a "beginner" light that is not too too expensive?

Thanks so much!

In my tank I have :
2x B&W Clowns
1x Anthias (a smaller species, I know some get too big for 29g)
1x YWG/Pistol combo
5x Trochus Snails
4x Nassarius Snails


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I’d look at the mars aqua LEDs. I think you can find them on eBay Maybe Amazon. They are decent lights. Usually there are 2 adjustable channels. One for blue and one for daylight. You can adjust them to what suits your aesthetic. One would be enough for a 29 gal.


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in Amazon u can find lot of low cost led lights...and my kind suggestion is to buy blue and white led' that in blue light ur corals will be healthy