Best Fish Purchase yet! No more Cyano


Had problems w/Cyano on my substrate. Had water tested...everything perfect - ZERO phosphates. Bought a Valencia Goby (Sandsifting) on Saturday. There is absolutely no Cyano on the substrate anymore! That guy takes huge mouthfulls of sand, sifts it through his gills and appears to be doing great. I have Nessarius snails, hermit crabs, brittle stars, and had huge cyano problems until now. Problem solved! Anyone else like the sandsifters?

yeffre kix

I think they are one of the most fascinating reef fish you can get for a tank ! I had a golden headed goby for years in my 90 gal reef. Great fun to watch and always working at keeping the sand wonderfully clean ! Can't wait to get my new setup running. It will be one of the first additions.