Black and White Percula Babies 4 sale or Trade

I have some small Black and White percs that I have been raising they are
6 months old and about 3/4 inch I cant seem to get any clear pix worth posting. I bought the parents off
I have alot available and more on the way
I am looking to either sale or trade for some colorful zoos or ricordias and possibly other items make me an offer if you are interested
Local pickup only I am in the Tampa/ Brandon Fl area


Originally Posted by Zues3026
I would buy a couple if you would ship also. Zip is 48091 please let me know how much?
Whoa, did you have the hiccups???? lol!!! Anyway, I, too, would be interested Qwiksilver, if you would ship but would understand if you don't want to. Would love to have a pair though!


pm me please.
I would love one. It would have to be shipped, though. Please let me know how much to 70460 if you would.
Also, pics please!
Sorry guys an gals I really dont want to ship them
As far as price i'm asking $15 a piece
This website calls them Black and White Perculas so thats what I call them
And like I said I cant get a clear pic but they look like any other black and whites out there


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Originally Posted by sepulatian
Black and white Percs? Do you mean occelaris? Do you have pics of them?

My exact words .
qwiksilver360 , there is no such thing . Many stores have them mislabeled . They would either be B&W Ocellaris or Black Saddle Back clowns . I bought my saddle backs at a store that were labeled as B&W Perculas which I knew better and saved a few $ by them not knowing better . It is a very common misconception and if you can please post a pic we can see what they actually are and get you on the right track and so you can correctly advertise what you have .