Black Head Disease


It is a little late now to ask for a possible cure as I sent my chromis on that one way trip down the procelin whirlpool
i had a fairly large blue-green chromis who was happy and healthy till about one month ago, It got into a fight with someone in the tank and had a gouge taken out of its flank.
Within 2 weeks the wound was almost fully healed except for some missing colored scales.
Then I noticed that 1/2 of its head was getting dark in color. Each day the darkening continued until he/she/it looked that that character from the original star trek with 1/2 of face white and the other 1/2 black (actor was Frank Gorsham).
The opposite side was completely normal - nice blue-green.
Until today, the fish seemed fine - it ate normally and swam normally.
This am it could not fight against the tank current and was being "wind-swept" around the tank and into corals/rocks.
I knew its time was numbered, so I put it out of its misery.
However, I never saw this type of disorder/disease in a fish before. What was trhis "half black head disease" and are any of my other fish in any danger? (Everyone else is happy and normal looking).
Comments?????????????? :confused:


Staff member
Can't really say. Perhaps it was internal bleeding from the fight with the other fish.