Blind Naso Tang


man, those eyes look pretty good to me. I would never guess he was blind. How is he acting now? Beautiful fish btw, and I commend you for not taking him back. I wouldn't be able to either, if I knew they would kill him. Hand feed him, he'll love you forever. Maybe it's a temporary thing...I'm stumped...his eyes look really good.
Good luck!


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The closeup pics look like the eyes are popped. Are they? It could be just the magnification of the picture.
See if you can find some sheets of brown algae, such as kelp. This is their natural diet.

roscoe ii

I apologise for not getting back to any of your responses. I am having major problems navigating this forum. I am not sure why but it takes jogging back and forth from last thread to next thread 3-4 times just to get the thread open partially and I never do get to the last post. That is the reason why the pics were posted twice. I asked for assistance in correcting the prob and was asked to re-register e-mail. I did so and still no help.
Leaving for now thank you all for your help and advice. Hope to be back soon.