Blind Naso

roscoe ii

I just purchased a fairly healthy Naso Tang. Good size fish and it has some decent gerth. Looks like it has been eating well for a while.
However, After acclimating and puting it in my reef tank I notice it was bumping into rocks, coral as well as other fish.
Is it possible that this blindness is temporary due to the stress of shipping and it's sight should return or is it permenant and eventually fatal?


Are you sure he's blind and not just disorientated? Is there enough room for him to swim? If it's crowded with rock etc, he may just be having trouble getting around all the stuff. What do his eyes look like? If he is truly blind now, then he was probably always blind, but it's hard to know. Can you post a pic of him...close up of the eyes?
Tangs need large open area's to swim, does he have this?