Brown corals


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They are bad because they spread quickly and sting anything that they get close to. I added one peppermint shrimp to my tank when I noticed one in my tank. The next morning it was gone. About a month later I added a piece of lr that had one on it. (lfs guy couldn't get it off.) The next morning it was gone too! Great little critters. Try one, you'll like it!


i use kalk as well, but I have had more success using the needle to penetrate the stalk and then filling them full of kalk.

big dave

Give them a shot o' Kalk! Thats the best treatment to get rid of those lil suckers. I have heard people say just injecting hot water in them will kill them but, IMO, this doesnt work. Just my 2 cents.
opps. I forgot...what's the proportion of the kalw with R.O.
btw, my lfs advised me to use rice this effective and less dangerous to my tank? what do you think guys?


As much as you can to nuke them. :mad:
Mix up a normal batch of kalc but use it before everything settles for a bit more punch.
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you just have to kill them all. they are excellent survivors.
BTW, if you dont want to spend $15 on kalkwasser, you can use Pickling lime from your grocery store. it only costs $2 and is the SAME stuff.