Calcium - Alkalinity - pH


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Sorry for the "rant" guys/gals.
Thanks to all for sharing your views and experiences.
I learn much from you all.
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The more I read the more uncertain I am about what I am doing. I have a 90 gallon tank with live sand and 135Lbs of live rock. Nothing added before today except a snails and rainbow shrimp. Tank was started about 6 weeks ago and cycled with 75LBs of live rock and two weeks ago 60 more pounds were added. Nitrates now 0, PH about 7.2 Alkalinity 3.0 to 3.5 and Calcium is less than 340. During the cycling I had a brown alge problem and someone said low alkalinity contributed tothat so I assed a baking soda solution to get the alkalinity to between 3.5 and 4 and it helped. The first 5 weeks I did not have a calcium test kit and when I found the Calcium was below 300 last week I began using ESV B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System. I am adding 20%more of the calcium compound than the alkalinity compound and I am dosing that at the recommended rate. Calcium is slowly increasing as best I can tell. Do I need to test for Magnesium or other items? Today I am adding a couple of fish to the tank, a Royal Gramma a clown fish and an anomine, more snails and more shrimp. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
I know this is an old thread, but I just found it and wanted to say thanks Broomer... I finally understand the age old ph issue.