California surfer films great white sharks circling his board.... CREEPY!


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Surf board, matter what I would want a bigger boat. I will not go swimming in the ocean even little damsels want to eat you. If the critters in my fish tank bite, I know I can't trust the ocean dwellers.


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Gonna have to go with Kayak too. All the pics I've seen of stand up paddle boards have rounded noses, not pointy like the video.
Even so, I dont think I'd be too keen on getting into a kayak with 2 Great Whites in the area, even if they are juvies. One of them could have easily flipped the boat and sent him in the water.
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A guy was killed by a shark at Carlsbad a while back while training for a triathlon. I think there was a thread here in the aquarium.
I think they did part of an episode about him during shark week.


A dream of mine for sure. I have so much respect for great white sharks such a miss understood thing. I would want a cage at first until i learned more but it would be the greatest to work up to diving with out a cage.


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It was interesting on shark week where one of the shows was counting down the deadliest sharks and showing the number of fatalities from attacks. While I don't remember them, they were much lower than I would have thought.


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You know im ok with sharks but a great white such a beautiful animal but i think i would have been scared to death!!!!


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That is just scary as crap. We have gators all over here and they don't bother me. Sharks are a whole different story. Scary stuff.