can someone id this clam??


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just got it for xmas (my bro had to give it to me now)
since mrcoral doesnt have glass and u look down throught the top of the water i thought that this clam was a golden maxima idk what it is because it looks different through the glass.... what is this??


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with out
Try backing up a little, and then taking the pic...then after it is taken...zoom in and save it that way...maybe it will pick up the colors better
OHHHHH do you have a flower on your that makes a big difference


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thats what i originaly thought it was but it has some orange on it but i think your right
either way its goin in the 90g when it gets big but now its only a baby


a squamosa pattern is more dotty. tough to tell but when you are looking at them next to each other you can see it easily.