Candy Coral Problem?


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Do you have this problem with other hard corals? My softies seem to thrive like crazy but i've lost a brain and my candy cane keeps dying off slowly... I cant figure out why the heck this would be happening...
I did have one reply from a LFS guy who said that since im not skimming the toxic slime that the soft corals produce may be killing my hard corals.. he said its chemical warfare between corals!
Is this true?


I havent run my alk test in a while, however my Ph is 8.2.
Wouldnt the whole coral be looking that bad if it were my water?


They look like they are getting shaded out, and giving in.
Fragging them off may be better than leaving them to die. just snap it at the base, and place it in low light for a while until it starts to open up nice again.
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Here are mine (hurricane victims)