CBS with no legs!!


A couple days ago I saw my CBS was having a hard time shedding. I wasn't sure if he would ever get out. I didn't see him for about 2 days but today he came out and is lying on the sand with no legs and no antenna's. Do you think the shed went bad or did something attack him. He is still alive but he's not looking real good. I think they will grow legs and antenna's back but what kind of chance can he really have. Should I pull him out and put him out of his misery or wait and see if he can recover?

Will the other critters just finish him off? I have 3 emerald crabs, 15 blue leg crabs, 15 red leg crabs, misc snails and a six line wrasse in the tank currently.


Yea I would say something got to him while he was molting. I would say he is tost unless you put him in his owen tank and feed him twice a day or so, and then I dought he would live to another molt.
I would say flush the poor guy.


If he has no legs he will not be able to move at all. He would be in constant fear of being attacked by a fish or another crab. I would say put him out of his misery as bad as that sounds. I would not flush him though, he will not die instantly that way, he will slowly die from the shock of being thrown into poopy fresh water, and being shoved through pipes..........