Chaeto Acclimation


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I just ordered some chaeto from a person on SWF a few days ago and he is shipping it today so I should be recieving it tommorow or wednesday, so I have one question for when I receive it and that is, do I need to acclimate the chaeto or can I just put it straight in?


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you dont have to acclimate the cheato but if you want any of the copepods or other micro fauna to live acclimation wouldnt hurt (I know my cheato is loaded with pods, micro brittles, asteriana, stomatellas, bristle worms, etc.) some or most would probably survive with no acclimnation but acclimation may help more survive.


I always get it in little bags with no water just enough moisture to keep damp. I just throw it in kinda like LR some will die thats just part of it but some will live and thrive pods that is I dont think the algae really cares .