chiller charge?


Has anyone ever had to have their chiller recharged? Mine hasn't been on for a while. I turned it on and the coil never got cold.
I'm a dummy about this. Did I have a freon leak in the house or does the stuff just get old?
Would I go to an HVAC guy or someone who recharges auto ac's.
Thanks all.


I have no idea, but I wonder if you could call a small appliance repair shop and ask. I say this cause I wouldn't call a ac guy, I'd prolly call a refrigerator guy. post your results cause I'd like to know too...


I know a less than ethical car repair guy that works out of his garage. He uses his disablity money to run his business. He'll work for oxycotin.
I'm going to call him. He's recharged my vehichle ac. It has to be similar. I think.


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Refrigerant never gets old. If the coil never got cold, it's becuase either the system leaked or because the compressor is bad or not receiving power.
If you are worried about freon leaking into the house, don't fret. It's not flammable or toxic. It does displace oxygen which can cause asphyxiation, but there is nowhere near enough in a chiller to run any risk of that.
Is it a drop in chiller? They are notorious for leaking. Not very reliable IMO.
Your repair guy may be able to do something with it, but also may not. Just about every car on the road uses R134A refrigerant. Many chillers use this too, but many also use R22, which you have to have a license to purchase.
The other thing is that every car has schrader valves that allow a connection to the filling equipment, but most chillers do not have them, instead the manufacturer welds the fill lines closed, so your guy may need to have the means to attach schrader valves to it.
Anyway, he may very well be able to do something with it, but he may not. If not, most small appliance shops will probably be able to help you.


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Have you checked to see if the compressor is in fact running or if it's locked up? If it's running but not doing any work then there's a leak. If it's locked up (out on thermal overload) then a new compressor is needed and will likely cost as much as a new chiller to have replaced. Check when the unit is dead cold and see if the compressor runs and then stops almost immediately.
They are like window a/c units-not made to be serviced. I had to have a friend who is an HVAC tech braze in a shraeder valve into the gas line on my window unit. He owed me a favor and I got it done for free.

I have a feeling it may be costly to have a pro do it, what with labor and materials. At least the chiller takes ounces instead of pounds of refrigerant.


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There are a lot of things that can cause performance issues.
1. Dirty/restricted air flow - bad fan or cap - on the condenser.
2. Grime buildup in the Evaporator
3. Faulty electrical - VOM and Amp Clamp could help Id - would help with compressor Id/cap
3a The compressor could be bound up sitting off (ring/cylinder)- a gentle rap on it with a rubber mallet.
4 Issue in the sealed system - leak, restriction in the meter device - guages would be required
not a end user tool - you would need a professional then.
There are things you could try first and save some money. If your not comfortable call someone.