Clarion Angels!


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Who wants to own a Clarion Angel?

Cortez Tropical Marine in Gardena has recently acquired a batch of these incredibly beautiful fish. They do not sell direct to the general public but Cortez say they can certainly arrange to sell one to your favorite pet store to complete the transaction.

Cortez Tropical Marine is the official Livestock Sponsor for the Children's Touch Tank for MAX 2014. You will in fact have the chance to see a special display of Clarion Angels at the next Marine Aquarium Expo!

For those who are unfamiliar with the species, Clarion Angels are incredibly beautiful with their distinctive bright-blue body stripes and trailing edges. On the other hand, they are also extreme rare in captivity, hence their price is prohibitive for most hobbyists (they typically retail around $3,000 or more) but for those looking for something extremely unique, rare, and beautiful, this may be just the opportunity you are looking for.

I believe they have only SIX more specimens available at the time of this writing, so for or any store owners who are interested in acquiring one, Cortez Tropical Marine is in Gardena, CA and can be reached at (310) 329-1372. Serious hobby buyers may also call in order to arrange a transfer to their local fish store.

Go Get 'Em!