Clean up crew


Can I add a clean up crew to my fish only tank and wouldn't that technically make it a reef then what do you think


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I did the same thing. Snails and sum shrimp. They come in handy. A "reef" is generally involving corals and such. A reef tank doesn't have to even have fish


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I have a fowlr with synthetic coral decorations that require bleaching... So in a case like this, no inverts


I have a FOWLR also and have shrimp, Snails and crabs along with my fish they keep my tank real clean you can also put gobies or some goat fish that sift sand to clean also sand stars work well, you can buy a cleanup crew from your local fish store and online for a good price its not expensive and your tank will love you for it.


CUCs are fine in FOWLR, as long as you don't have fishes that will eat the CUC critters, such as puffers, non-planktonic feeding triggers (which means most triggers), larger wrasses, pebble-toothed eels, etc. We keep snail-based CUCs + scarlet reef hermits in our predator tanks (venomous fish) with no trouble.
Here's a CUC primer that may help: