Clicking noise coming from my tank?


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I've not long set my first jewel 125 up. I has various fish, shrimp, crabs, snails, one starfish, and one slug, see pictures.. Recently I've noticed a loud clicking noise I believe coming from a crab, I don't believe it's the hermit crabs as they were my first and I have only recently noticed it. What could it be? It tends to happens when the light has been switched off, but does occur when the light is on???,



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Thats my thought is a mantis. You have there food in hermits and snails. The clicking is them hammering on a shell


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Is it a clicking... or perhaps a "popping"? You may have a pistol shrimp, which makes a popping noise to scare off anything they might consider a predator. They sound identical to a mantis. Just a thought...


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I'm thinking it is a pistol shrimp. If fish start disappearing along with your CUC, I would change that to a mantis.