Clownfish? Maybe?


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I have a 40 gallon tank with an azure damsel, a black cap basslet, a banggai cardinal, a strawberry crab, 4 scarlet reef hermit crabs, and a chocolate chip starfish that I seriously hate (my mom likes it so I can’t get rid of it, but my friend might be able to take it off my hands so it should be going in the next couple months). I’m pretty sure my goby went carpet surfing. I can’t find it anywhere but my dogs may have gotten to it.

I was wondering if I could put either a tomato clownish or a cinnamon clownfish in there with them? Thanks!


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Yup np, but thats it for clowns. So make sure these are the ones you want.
Also quick clarification question because I’m an easily confused nugget, when you say those, do you mean one or the other? Or those as in I can put them both in the tank at the same time? Thanks:)


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Only one species of clown and unless you do ocelaris or percula only one clown fish. . I’m not sure a maroon would be a great idea. They are very aggressive and can get pretty big. If you got a really small one it may settle in and not be a problem. You do have a tank that is pretty heavily stocked.
I believe you mentioned you’d like to add a zebra Moray in another post. Don’t do it your 75 gallon tank is way too small for a zebra which can get to 5’ long.


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Imforbis is correct. A maroon clown would get big enough to be fairly safe w eels. It is however best kept single, pairing can be tough. I have a maroon in my 75 but its the only clown and kept w other semi aggressive fish.
Zebra would be a no no in a 75 tho


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Thank you so much guys, I really just don’t wanna over stock my tanks, imo the wellbeing of my fish is way more important than what I want to put in there