clowns laying down?


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Recently got 2 perc clowns ( 2 days ago ) both this afternoon seemed fine... tonight however i noticed one of them is laying on the bottom, not breathing heavy, upright, just sitting on the bottom. Is this normal behavior? Is it possible stress from acclimating to the new tank? Sorry to sound so concerned, last pair of percs i got came diseased and died within hours of getting them home from the LFS, these two are the replacements and i'm a bit more concerned (maybe paranoid)....


Anything in the tank bothering it?If your other fish are ok I wouldn't think your levels would be out of wack.My clown sleeps straight up and down every night.I wouldn't worry unless it shows any other signs of disease.And believe me I know how it feels after you lose something and you freak at any abnormal sign!!Just observe.


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PERCS are certainly cabable of PERCular behavior :)
I have seem mine lying around as you describe, sleeping head up or tail up at the very top of the tank, sleeping or reposing on the bottom of tank on their sides. Keep an eye on the situation, as, of course, new fish in tank can experience shock. In the absense of any environmental or water problems, I would say just observe the fish for developments. If he eats, everything should be fine.