Condi Gone!!


I have a condi that is usually about the size of a mouse pad when spread out. It stays on a nice rock and has been in the same place for about 3 months. Good water flow and such. I went on vacation for 3 days and now it is no where to be seen. It can shrink down to about the size of a golf ball, but I haven't seen him in two days. I thought he was just hiding and I could find him when he spread back out. But he hasn't done anything. No filters or powerheads that could've sucked him up. I just added a Tiny serpent star. Surely he couldn't have eaten him.
What about Scarlet hermits? I know red legs will kill condi's.


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Maybe it's just in the "golf ball" stage and hidden in a cave. I hope so. If you haven't already you might check your plumbing, pumps etc and see if there is any evidence of it. I don't think the hermits would have killed it but your story is eerily familiar. A year ago I was telling the same exact story. I never found any evidence anywhere to indicate what had happened. It totally disappeared with no trace whatsoever. I hope yours shows back up.