I’m not new to aquariums I’ve been keeping fresh water tanks for over 6 years but I am new to salt water. At the moment I only have a 10 gallon salt water with just snails and hermit crabs and a very small pincushion urchin. I’m about to move the fish I have in my 36 gal bow front tank into a 55 gal and want to convert that tank from fresh to salt. I’m very interested in having corals and anemones and salt water plants. I am going to be doing a planted tank for my 55 gal and started looking into different salt water plants out of curiosity and found some really beautiful ones. I’m just not sure what will be the best set up for it. I do have some stuff for a larger salt water tank because I was given a 65 gal and almost had it fully set up when it started leaking and I had to take it apart to fix it. I don’t really want to jump back in with such a large tank. I do have a nice Fluval light for my 36 gal but I’m not sure if it is enough for corals and anemones and if it is I don’t know what settings I should use. I have a filter that should work but if there’s something else easier and more efficient than a hang on back filter I’m all ears. I’m willing to invest into good equipment but I am on a budget and would gladly accept advice on quality equipment that is still affordable. I haven’t even considered what kind of fish I want yet because I first want to make sure I have a good set up but if anyone has recommendations for fish that are colorful and will do well in a 36 gal please let me know. Thank you so much!


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If you want an nem, you will need good strong lighting. They require good water quality and strong lighting. High end leds or stronger lights. Corals will do well with those aswell. Fish for 36 reef. Look into fairy wrasse, fire fish, dotty backs