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Hello to all, I am hoping for some coral advice. I am a coral novice with a 6 month old 25 gallon tank. Currently I have 2 false clowns, a mexican turbo snail, 3 red legged hermits, 2 blue legged hermits, a red linkia star, and a great growth of coralline algae. My tank levels have been at a constant 0 for a little bit over 5 months, and pH at a constant 8.3, salinity constant 1.023. Should add that my lighting is PC 130W.
I would love to add a/some corals, but I am not sure what to add. Since I have never kept coral before I would love some suggestions. I am wondering what people have had good luck keeping. I don't want to get something and just have it die (please no mention of the linkia possibly dying). Thanks


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You would be fine starting out with about any soft coral. Shrooms and zoo polyps are great beginner corals... colorful and pretty also.


There are so many different colors and shapes of mushrooms... and they're very easy. I'd start there.... Also zoos (again many different varieties to give lots of colors) yellow polyps are easy...
Carnations are also pretty hardy and xenias do well if your perameters are staying stable... Go to the coral page here on and scrool through... they rate them easy, moderate, or difficult and they're actually pretty accurate about their rating system in my opinion....


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Thank you so much for your advice. I did take a look at the care levels, and I think that maybe some mushrooms will be nice in my tank! Thanks!!