Coral Placement


Does anyone know of a good resource for finding out what corals can tolerate each others stings? I've read that you can put Hammers and Fine Grape next to each other and that different types of mushrooms are ok together. I have a Torch that is getting close to some Duncan's. Will these two LPS harm each other? I also have a Hammer that is getting a little close to some Acan Lords. I've got a lot of LPS so it would be nice to know what I can group together without worrying about sweeper tentacles.


I don't know of anywhere that there is a list, but from personal experience:
Acans CAN touch each other.
Most euphyllia (torches, frogspawn) can come in close contact with each other, but will demolish anything else near it.
Duncans can't tolerate being stung, touched by any LPS.
Lobo's have LONG tentacles, BEWARE.
Mushrooms can touch each other, especially ricordia.


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keep acan lords away from other corals. they are one of the weaker corals when it comes to biowarfare. they almost certainly will lose the battle, even against SPS.
acan lords can touch each other, but acan lords CANNOT touch acan echinatas, rotunda, etc. i learned this the hard way.