Couple coral questions - Euphylia and plate??


Hey everyone! I know I haven't been around lately, but I have been busy with school and studying for the MCAT.
Anyways I have a couple of questions.
1) I just placed my hammer and my frogspawn in polyps reach of eachother. It is possible for them sting eachother or should they be ok?
2) I have been wanting to buy a plate really bad, but I am yet to find one in good condition. Apparently from what the LFS guy tells me is that a lot of them that they recieve have been damaged during collection and that teh little ridges?? are broken causing tissue recession. Has anyone had any luck find a good specimen that has been thriving? All the ones I see usually end up having tissue recession after a couple weeks at the LFS.
3) Scott's fairy wrasse, whats the deal? I heard they are good reef fish and from what I have read, excellent additions to reef tanks. I think I am going to get one friday. I want to add fish to my tank. Any sugestions? Right now the only thing in there is a maroon clown, anthia, and a blue damsel.
Thanks guys

nm reef

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The hammer and frogspawn can be aggressive towards each other...even though they are closely related. I keep a hammer/frogspawn/torch/bubble in my 55 and they are placed a good distance apart to prevent attacks. I'd suggest you keep a close eye on them for problems and seperate them if battles occur.
Don't know what to tell you about finding a decent plate coral....I've also seen some that just don't appear healthy. Sadly they look stresed and show signs of serious tissue recession.
On the wrasse...I've heard that they are reef safe...but I have no experience with the one you are interested in. Maybe somebody with more knowledge/experience can comment.


Thanks NM, I can always count on you for good responses to my post. Hows the hallide thing going? You make the switch yet?