crashed what?


Word to the wise, dont fool with your tank if you are not feeling good. Last Wednesday night I purchased Kalwasser to raise my calcium level. All I can remember is I really misread the directions. Bottom line is I had to remove maybe 40 gals of water from my 55g tank. All my snails, crabs, star fish, shrimp, corals, and all my fish but one clown died. It was a mess. I have removed everything dead, I think my green star polyp might survive and so far the clown is OK, he is eating. But when I approach the tank is has this funny look on his face
Sorry, I have to joke to keep from crying. I need suggestions where to go from here. I guess my first question is about my live rock. It looks like all my rock is starting to turn greenish brown, maybe like a mossy film. Do I need to pull it out and scub on it or what? I am sure my tank needs to cycle again. Any help or ideas greatly appreciated.
p.s. It was the flu.


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I am sorry to hear about the crash, PattyCake. I agree with the above post. Keep doing water changes and while you are doing the water changes, take the rock out and shake it off in the bad water to possibly get some of that film off. That is what I do from time to time when my rock gets a little dirty.
Hope everything works out well when you re-establish the tank.