Current USA Light

I purchased a Current USA 24 inch light approximately 6 months ago. The guy at the LPS said it would be good for coral but the guy at my local saltwater aquarium shop said it will be weak. The light cost 200. Dose anyone hear know anything about this light and if it can support coral? Or am I better off waiting to get the light he is selling for between 400 and 600 dollars?

This is the light I current have.

The Orbit Marine combines 8,000K/12,000K and 445nm/460nm LEDs to produce the ideal spectrum for marine fish, invertebrates, live rock, and corals. This programmable 24 hour lighting solution includes the Ramp Timer Pro LED Controller and wireless remote.
That’s what I hoped you wouldn’t say haha. It’s okay I didn’t get into this to fail. So saving up is what I will do. Thanks for the info.


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You paid $200 for a 24"? I just bought a 48-60" Orbit Loop for the same price. I upgraded from the 36-48" standard from Orbit. Yes, they will support softies and some LPS corals but for SPS and Nems your going to need a higher intensity light.