day 10 on clown eggs


Ok its day ten now the last three nights I have made sure all lights in room are out. I wait 45 mins or so then check to see if hatch. I have also turn off all pumps and power heads in tank. I try to not shine the flash light at the eggs when checking. Last night after checking at the 45min mark I left everthing off for about 45 mins and still nothing . Should I maybe leave one small power head running so there is a small amount of flow in the tank its 150gal?

Or is there anything else I missing? I have rotifers ready growing (like crazy), brine shrimp on standby. And no I can not take the rock out that has the eggs attached it has six bubble tips attached to it also. Going to try the slate rock trick next time. Not sure but I think this is the 3rd set of eggs they have layed.