Diatoms and algae i need a bit of advice


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I've got a 29 gal tank. And diatoms and this weird algae has taken it over. Diatoms i do know just will go away with time. But this other stuff i have razor bladed it 3 times (all over the tank) and yet it still grows. Here'
s the pic Only reason the water level is down cause i have one more thing of water ( i was changing the water this week)
Only thing in the tank is 2 small clows. A purple dotty. And 2 turbo snails. And some nerite snails

mr. limpid

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Diatom, will not go away, it is the byproduct of bacteria that are consuming the ammonia and nitrates in your tank, you need crabs or snails (not both) to consume it. Or you can siphon it out the best you can with water changes, your chose. As for the amount of algae growing in your tank is because it by a window all that sun light is promoting the growth plus other things.


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Does that window have a blocking shade curtain?? If not... There's your problem.
Direct sunlight and saltwater tanks do not mix well. This could be the reason but you may also have other water quality issues.
Please tell us more about your setup. How long it has been set up? What type of water you use for top off's and water changes? What filtration do you use? What are your parameter numbers (actual numbers by a lab type test kit)?
Do you have a mag float? How often do you do water changes?
Let us know that info and we can help get you all cleaned up!!


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I feel your pain. I inherited (by way of previous owner of my house) a 150 fowler that is directly in front of a large patio door and in constant sunlight..... I have no solution no matter what i try... Only thing keeping the dt displayable is weekly water changes, razor blading and bleaching the fowlr decorations.