Didi I just waste my money?



So i bought a picotope 3 gal today, and a PAR38 bulb. the bulb has 12 LED, blue and white, the thing even comes with a remote to dim the light and mix the two colors.
My question is, all I want in that tank are candy cane, hamer coral, frog spawn, mushrooms, toad stool, maybe a really small rose anenomie, a bunch of different mushroom, and a lot of zoas.
Did I need this light? or am I fine with the stock light?
I dont really want "Hard" "stony" coral. let me know thanks



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You got the light you need.
On a side note, I don't think you are going to have that much space in a 3g to fit all of those corals. But, you can always try! I wish your tank the best of luck. :D