Dilution - Filtration


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Lol..... this isn't my class. sorry if I misled y'all.
I am beyond this stuff. I do however have free raine
I am excited to. I am urrently drying the skim scum (roughly 10ml) of it.
While looking at the petri dish here iswhat was observed.
1) smooth irregular colonines wth a rhizoid shape within the colony. Very odiferious.
the consistancey of a few were buttey like, sticky. The color was creamish with some red,which may be a resemble a Gram - bacterium and a few were pinkis blue which is an indicato of a mixed culture of positive and negative. Must iscolate to make a pure culture..
2) Some of the shape were rod shaped
more to follow soon.

On another note, I have found one or two amphipods in the shimmer cup before. So who knows what will show up?