Dipping clams....o.k to do??


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Personally I would skip, but will leave that to more experienced clam people. I know they are very sensitive.


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You don't dip clams.

But you do turn them over and inspect them for pyramid snails and bore hole eating sponges. You can find more information on the web about both types of infestations and what to do about them.


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You also have to worry about the eggs the pyramid snails lay. They look like a small clear slimy mass. They could be up by the mantle or down by the byssus gland. Put the clam in some saltwater from the tank and use a stiff tooth brush and scrub it down good taking care not to scrub any mantle showing or the byssus gland. That should get rid of snails, eggs or sponges. Look carefully. Rinse in fresh saltwater and then place in qt for a few weeks to be sure you didn't miss anything.


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Clams can b tricky. +1 I don't suggest dip.
But qt or hospital tank with fresh sw and watch out for the bristle worms. They will seek out any decade and finish off the find.