Disneyland help from the vetrans?


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I wouldn't tie myself down to Disneyland.
Knotts Berry Farm is nice but with your kids age Magic Mountain is probably a good idea too. More thrill rides there. I'd hit magic mountain, then spend a couple days going through Disney and Finish up at Knotts. Knotts has a little bit of everything, kind of an old time theme to it. Be kind of a nice way to wind down for the trip home.
What you should do is cut the kids lose in the evening at Disney and you make the Blue Bayou into a date, it is a cool place to eat.
There's a place walking distance from Disney called the Overland Stage (It was still there last time I was in Cali) If you get a chance hit it and get the game sampler. Deer, Sage Hen and Gator meat