Do fish lose their color at night? Do they "sleep?"


This is the 2nd night we've had our fish in the tank (4 green chromis in a 100gal tank).
Do they lose their color in spots at night? Our tank is dark at night (moonlights are coming, but not here yet), and I was checking everything with a dim flashlight & noticed that the sides of a few of the fish are splotchy--white/shiny. Is that normal?
Also--is it normal for them to "sleep?" Three of the four fish sort of just float around the overflow box thing at the back of our tank. I thought they were surely dying earlier tonight, so I turned the light back on & within a few minutes all 4 fish were swimming together again (there's a hidden "dark" spot next to the overflow box when the lights are on, & they were hanging out there before coming out to swim). I just checked tonight & there are three of the just hanging out, sort of just floating in place, there. I can't find the 4th one...
So I'm assuming all is OK...anyone agree?


What can I say? I'm a worry wart. My hubby said I'm too obsessed with HIS tank (it's in his office, but I do all of the tank mainenance, feeding, etc...except for the LFS service guys we hire to come twice a month...).
Thanks for the info. I won't worry anymore. And I'll quit bugging them with my flashlight!


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Yeah all the fish loose their color a little and turn a little bit pale overnight. but its normal.