Doberman Pinscher

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You people think what you want. He's not thin or underweight by any means!!! He's perfectly healthy. He's been cleared by 2 different vets. I trust the opinion of a professional over an amateur any day.
I'm a vet tech at an e-clinic just in case you were wondering


I was a vet tech for three years...gorgeous dog but too skinny...hope he will fill out soon :)


I too was a vet tech for 5yrs before I went back to school for Nursing degree.. glad im not the only one who thought the dog was underweight.. no one is denying you will put weight on him, he just is underweight right now. Best of luck with him, im sure he will fill out in no time and you will look back at those pics in a year from now and say holy moly he was thin. No one ever suggested making the dog obese but for goodness sakes no dog, in any show, ever had ribs let alone hip bones showing.. that has gotta tell you something... Were just suggesting get him eating good, he wont be competing for food like he may have been at the breeders. In no time hes gonna look amazing instead of slightly emaciated.
Congrats, enjoy him.