does anybody know about sponge eating starfish?


Hello every body!
I just looked in my tank and noticed that this tiny little blue starfish was happily munching away on one of my glass sponges (no biggy, those things multiply pretty dang fast) i was just wondering if anybody knows what the thing is and if it will get any bigger and then eat my corals.
currently he is the size of a pencil eraser.


Although I am not the resident expert on stars, I have read that the blue star ( Linckia laevigata ) are reef safe though may be harmful to some inverts such as sponges. It is omnivorous, feeding on bacterial films, sponges, and dead mollusks. Hope this helps a little bit.


I'll try to borrow the digital tonight but I don't know how much help it will be, since the guy is sooooo tiny! I don't think he's a linkia though because his legs are kind of stubby and he is a pale powder blue not that pretty deep deep blue.


ive had 2 bad experiences with stars, 1 a chocochip ate my anemone, and 2 my frends bahama ate like all his mushrooms! so if they eat soft corals like shrooms and also anemones, then they mite just go for sponges!


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Um, DfishH, you had a bad experience with these stars because you put stars that are known predators in with things that they eat :confused: This does not mean all stars are problems. Not all stars are predatory!! Chocolate chips and general stars are not reef safe, and it is not a surprise that they ate stuff, especially if they weren't spot fed. Many people could have warned you about this.