does anyone here....


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No way! Im from Alaska, and surprisingly, there are a lot of bums here! Alaska also has one of the best homless programs in the US. Also, theres no excuse to be hungry in this state either! One moose a year feeds my family for a year all the steaks and ground meat, jerky etc that we need. Not to mention the salmon that practically jump onto your lines. One can easily make a pole that'll do it for salmon, and catch them off of any made lure. Plus you can even go out in low tide and take some of the snagged off lures. I don't mean to sound mean, but there is NO excuse. This al goes down to people that look for the easy way out, and yes, no work, acting pathetic and begging is an easy way out!
For the "cant get a job aspect", PLEASE! There are programs that clean them up, give them clothes, a place to stay for 6 months, and put them in a job. Not my fault there to lazy to take it!
People survived off of the land in this state for thousands of years, built makeshift shelters in the woods and do just fine. All it takes is the willingness to do so which these people just flat out don't have.