Does anyone use a wavemaker?

Does anyone use a wavemaker, or can anyone suggest one for me? I am looking into it and don't know which one's I should be looking at. Any suggestions please? Thanks!


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I use an "aquarium systems Natural wave" wavemaker, basicly it just cycles between outlets that get power. not bad I have been running it for a couple years. I run 3 maxijets on it.


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I use a modified SCWD on my 150g....For 2 years so far. I like it and have had no problems with it...some claim they get stuck and stop working..IDK.
There cheap, around $40 and I run one of the returns ( mag 9.5 ) on it.


I just purchased a CurrentSea, a little pricey but has alot of control and runs up to 4 power jets

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I got a maxijet wave maker or something... basically just shuts a powerhead off every 20-60 seconds.


i guess it all depends on what size tank you have and what type of livestock you plan on keeping, since different species have different requirements.
Thanks everyone! Decisions, decisions! At the moment, I have one power head, maxi jet 600 on my 110 tank. I want this to be a reef tank and I understand they need lots of flow.


I use a reefkeeper II it has a wavemaker built into it, also a bit pricey but it works great!