Easy beginner coral recommendations


I'm looking to start adding some beginner corals to my tank that are both easy to grow and actually look interesting.
I'm thinking of trying some pulsing xenia.
Any recommendations?
My tank is 300gal with:
360lbs carribian shugar sand
100lbs live rock
Large sump with bioballs and 2sq. foot filter pad
Large 5gal protien skimmer.
(4) 175watt 10k MH lights.
6 fish: Volitan Lion, Orange shoulder tang, Unicorn tang, Naso tang, Christmas/Ornate wrasse, Picasso trigger.
I also have 5gal drip doser but not using it at this time.


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Xenia, polyps, or shrooms are easy. Be careful not to get lazy with the xenia they will grow and grow and grow and grow and grow and you WILL have to prune them or they might get out of control...
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I second the more rock. You have ALOT of tank space to work with. I would HIGHLY recommend stacking the rock up near the top or you are going to have a very hard time fixing or placing anything.... Corals have a funny way of falling over from time to time :)


I would go with either some shrooms or a colt. I had them when I was pretty green and they survived me:D