Eel in 40 gallon


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green no they get 7plus feet
blue ribbon will most likely starve and die
snowflake yes it will fit in a 40 it is recommended for a 30 so 40 will be good just remember to get a covered top


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Like previously stated, a green moray reaches lenghts of over 7' and a ribbon eel will most likely starve to death. A snowflake should do fine in there. Bo


there are all sorts of eels out there to get. But the snowflake is probably the most popular of all choices. in my 90g tank i have an green eel, ghost snake (or as i call it the ghost eel) and a snowflake which i'm selling tomorrow. And they get along just fine although the snowflake is biggest eel in the tank. i had the green for 4 years and the snowflake for two snd the ghost snake for an year. But remember if you get the green it's pretty exspensive and might be the only fish in the tank.


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blue ribbon eels do not survive in aquariums for a long time. Some sources say around a few months because they just don't eat.


Yeah, ribbon eels aren't hardy and a vast majority of them die in aquariums. They usually starve themselves.


i work at a fish store (i am only 15) so its for the cash/knoledge and i would get a black ribbon eel because all the 1s we had in r like pigs they eat ne thing