Eel- Is it urogenital prolapse?


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Hello Everyone,

Our facility recently acquired two senior California Moray Eels from another facility and know almost nothing about their history other than they are over 20 years old. During acclimation, it was noted that one of the two had a red sore to the side of the cloaca. On further inspection it appeared to have some substantial cloacal damage (presents itself as a prolapse however the tissue texture is nothing like I've seen in any intestinal tract which is usually much less cystic-looking). Due to the age of the animal, it's possible that we are witnessing an ovarian prolapse as a result of egg laying strain as we are in the spawning months, but we aren't sure! The previous facility did note that around this time of year, the red sore would appear and disappear, however had no logs or data of treatment or veterinary intervention so we are essentially starting from scratch with this one.

In all of our team's experience with eels, we have not seen anything exactly like this and figured we'd reach out to as many people as possible while we wait on our veterinarian's availability.

Has anyone seen anything like this before in their animals?

Thank you everyone!