Emerald Crab


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First off, thank god they finally made an invert section!
second, my emerald crab stopped moving a while back, and kept getting stuck on her back. so i had to put her back up and he could barely move his legs. After that she got worse and then died altogether. and now there is black algae stuff growing on it's legs. (its dead, but it was in there for a while before i realized).
what happened to it? my hermit crabs and gigantic zebra snail is fine but i was just wondering what happened.
when i first brought her home she was opening her chest up and little copepod like things were swimming out. it was sorta disgusting seeing all the tiny things inside her chest but i figure it was babies. none made it, i wasn't prepared and had no idea what to do. do they die after they have babies like octopi do?
just curious